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Welcome to the Scottish Kaishin Wadokai Website
At Last, a Website for all you Karateka In the Oban area so that you can keep up to date
with Gradings and competitions.

We are proud to be associated with the NKF,
(National Karate Federation), and through them
the WKC.

From left to right:
Sensei Ronnie Watt O.B.E., O.R.S. 9th Dan,
Eiki Kurashita 9th Dan, Christopher Bruce 7th Dan
seen at a recent NKF Seminar in Aberdeen.
The S.K.W. studies Wado Ryu Karate, developed
by its founder, Hironori Ohtsuka 1892 - 1982.

In 1972 Hironori Ohtsuka was awarded the rank
of 10th Dan by the Kokusai Budo-in
(International Martial-arts Federation) making him
the first officially recognized 10th Dan master of
Karate-Do in Japan if not the world.
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