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Junior Grades within the S.K.W.

Children of 15 years and less are given a slightly
easier entry into the world of Wado Ryu.

Each rank within the system is identified by the
colour of the obi, (belt) worn.

The colours are as follows:

13th Kyu White (Beginner)
12th Kyu White with red stripe
11th Kyu White with yellow stripe
10th Kyu White with green stripe
 9th Kyu White with brown stripe
 8th Kyu Yellow
 7th Kyu Orange
 6th Kyu Green
 5th Kyu Blue
 4th Kyu Purple
 3rd Kyu Brown (First level)
2nd Kyu Brown (Intermediate level)
 1st Kyu Brown (Advanced level)
 1st Dan Black  Junior Shodan

All Dan grade examination have a written

At 16 years of age, a Junior Shodan may take a
special exam, qualifying them as a Senior Shodan.