Christopher Bruce 8th Dan

OSS Sei-i Tai Shogun 大将軍

Happy Christmas everyone.

Well, as happy as I'm sure you can make it under these extreme circumstances.

I'm thrilled that you, the SKW have been soldiering on under the guidance of Mike, and learning more each day.

It allows me, after what will most certainly be a year of absence, to retire gracefully.

Perhaps not 100% retiral, but close to it. We'll see.

Mike has become the defacto Sensei for the club and I'm proud of him, grateful too, as you should be.

There will be minor matters of procedure and organisation to discuss and alter. If you have any ideas, throw them in the hat, but as long as I live, I will do my best to answer all your SKW and Karate questions. If you ever have any.

You have proved yourselves to be able and competent Karateka, I could ask for no more. My job is done.

So Karateka, to each and everyone of you and yours,

A safe and very happy Christmas to you, and I hope the new year brings joy and success to you all.