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Kata origins

Wado Katas are separated with regard to their origin.

It is a fact that the region in which a kata was developed,
dictated its style from deep and strong in the Naha region
to nimble and fast in the Shuri area.

Predominently, Wado takes Kata from the Shuri and the
Tomari areas of Okinawa.

Shurite Katas
Katas from the Shuri area are known in Wado as
'Shurite Kata', these are:

Pinans Shodan-Nidan-Sandan-Yodan and Godan.
Kushanku, Jion, Bassai, Naihanchi and Jitte.

The Katas from this region account for ten of Wado's
fifteen Katas and so set the tone of Wado for they are
light, fast, usually high in stance and easy moving.

Tomarite Katas
The Katas from the Tomari area account for three of the
remaining Wado Katas, namely Chinto, Rohai and Wanshu.

Chinto is named after a famous Chinese martial artist that
lived on Okinawa around the year 1700.

Nahate Katas
There are no Katas from this area in Wado Ryu.