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Senior grades within the S.K.W.

For seniors, the grades follow a fairly standard pattern across the UK

The ranks and colours are as follows:

9th Kyu White
8th Kyu Yellow
7th Kyu Orange
6th Kyu Green
5th Kyu Blue
4th Kyu Purple
3rd Kyu Brown (Junior Brown)
2nd Kyu Brown (Intermediate Brown)
1st Kyu Brown (Senior Brown)
1st  Dan Black Shodan
2nd Dan Black Nidan
3rd  Dan Black Sandan

Sandan is the last exam within the system. From this point on, the
promotions are the gift of the technical committee and depend on
the contribution to the SKW in terms of continuation and assistance
in the running and promotion of the association.
For reference, the years between the Dan grades is the same as the
grade being applied for, e.g. A 2nd Dan will wait three years before
applying for their 3rd Dan. A 3rd Dan waits four years before 4th Dan.

All Dan grade examinations have a written component.